GPS 10Mhz Normal & PC Timing Reference

PLL layout

PLL PCB / 74HC4046, 12F675, 74HC14

LCD Layout

LCD & RS232 PCB / MAX233, 16F628

Power supply 12v & 5v layout

Power supply 12v & 5v

Rockwell Jupiter GPS module TU30-D140

VisualGPS Software

i am using the Rockwel Jupiter GPS module TU30-D140 for my GPS 10MHz Normal.
If the Jupiter's date output is not curent, then you must initialise the date yourself,
 With the GPS receiver RS-232 stream in NMEA mode. send the next command string:

$PRWIINIT,A,,,,,,,,,,,,000000,ddmmyy          with the appropriate date.                     

NOTE: It is essential that the I/O connector pin 8 is in the "1" (high) state
or simply not connected. Otherwise the date will default to that stored in ROM.


Nog een paar plaatjes van een 10 kanaals normaal.